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At Marketlab, we’ve spent nearly three decades working to become the leader in isolation stations, health & hygiene centers, and PPE dispensers by utilizing our own knowledge of the medical field and customer feedback to develop our comprehensive product line. We're also a trusted seller of Bowman Dispensers, making us your one-stop shop for personal protection dispensing.

When you shop at Marketlab, you'll discover:

  • Versatile dispensers that hold everything from gloves and masks to lens wipes and earplugs
  • Sizes and styles designed to fit in every area of your facility, including ADA compliant, semirecessed, and mobile
  • Mounting options including on the wall, over the door, and on a stand
  • Customized solutions that meet your specific needs 
Health & Hygiene Centers
Providing the perfect visual aid, Health & Hygiene Stations remind staff and visitors to take the necessary precautions to protect against germs and put essentials, including PPE and hand sanitizer, right where they’re needed most.
Isolation Stations
These stations provide quick, convenient access to PPE where space is limited, while also helping to improve efficiencies and create more effective coverage.
Glove Box Dispensers
We make it easy to find the glove-box dispensers you need for your facility with a wide range of sizes, loading styles, and materials.

Perfect for high-traffic areas, Health & Hygiene Kiosks provide all encompassing infection-prevention throughout your facility.

Small Dispensers
Excellent for dispensing everything from caps and booties to face shields and N95 masks, bulk dispensers provide convenient storage and accessibility throughout your facility.