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Glove Box Dispensers Buying Guide

The Industry Leader in Glove Box Dispensers

There's a reason so many labs and medical facilities trust Marketlab for glove box dispensers. With our comprehensive line, including best sellers from Marketlab and Bowman Dispensers, we make it easy to find glove-box dispensers that fit within your facility.

  • Material options for any budget
  • Different finishes and colors to complement décor
  • Versatile loading options
  • Minimal to full glove visibility
  • Single, double, triple, and quad options

Materials Guide

Materials matter when you’re deciding which personal protection station is best suited to meet your needs, with a number of factors to consider, including durability, recommended cleaning, and overall look. We’ve made it easy by breaking down the different materials you'll find throughout this section.


Ideal for long-term use, plastics have high impact resistance and are often more economical than other alternatives.

Acrylic Durable, versatile acrylic is a popular material choice thanks to its outstanding strength, impact resistance, and optical clarity
ABS Chemical and stress-crack resistant ABS is tough, dimensionally stable, and holds up to long term use
PETG Resistant to impact and damage, PETG is cost effective and excellent for heavy-duty applications and frequent use
Polycarbonate Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate is chemical resistant and easy to clean with bleach-free cleaners
Kydex High-quality, rugged Kydex acrylic has built-in antimicrobial properties to help minimize the spread of germs
Sintra® Lightweight, ridgid Sintra is dent, corrosion, and scratch resistant and has a sleek low-gloss, matte finish


Rugged metals stand up well to frequent use and cleaning, making them excellent for high-traffic areas in the lab and medical facility

Aluminum Lightweight, durable aluminum resists corrosion, chipping, and flaking and stands up well in tough environments
Powder-Coated Steel Impact resistant and not affected by extremes in temperatures, poweder-coated steel is attractive and functional, providing years of use
Stainless Steel Highly resistant to corrosion and staining, stainless steel stands up to high-traffic use and frequent cleaning

Wood Textured

Wood finishes have natural, classic looks that complement decor and can make facilities feel more warm and comfortable

Fauxwood ABS A popular choice due to the sleek natural-grain appearance, Fauxwood ABS is chemical resistant and stands up to long-term use
MDF Strong, dense, stable MDF has a smooth, attractive surface and is not affected by extremes in teperature

Marketlab Side-Loading Glove Box Dispensers

Marketlab Premium Side-Load Glove Box Dispenser

Marketlab Top-Loading Glove Box Dispenser

Bowman PETG Top Loading Glove Box Dispenser

Bowman PETG Vertical Glove Box Dispenser

Bowman PETG Basic Quad Glove Box Dispenser

Marketlab Antimicrobial Glove Box Dispenser

Marketlab Antimicrobial Side-Loading Glove Dispensers

Bowman Designer Glove Box Dispenser

Marketlab White Epoxy Glove Box Dispensers

Bowman White Stainless Basic Glove Box Dispenser

Bowman Stainless Steel Glove Box Dispenser with Divider