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Order-of-Draw Mastery is Only a Click Away

What is the Phlebotomy Order of Draw?

The phlebotomy order of draw is a specific order blood samples must be drawn in, based on the additives in the blood collection tubes. It is based on the Clinical & Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) venipuncture standard.

Why Do I Need to Know It?

Every phlebotomist should know the proper order of a blood draw to prevent cross-contamination of the blood samples that could result in inaccurate test results.

How Do I Learn the Proper Order of Draw?

Memorizing the CLSI-recommended order of draw can take some time. To help you perform proper and safe blood draws, we've created a printable order of draw reminder PDF. It includes order-of-draw information, as well as several valuable tips to improve your success rates. We suggest keeping a few copies in your phlebotomy cart or even in your phlebotomy tray, until you have completely incorporated these best practices into your routine. 

Mnemonic devices can also help with memorization. Check out our article, "4 Fun Phlebotomy Order of Draw Mnemonics". We hope you find both of these exclusive tools useful.

For a pre-printed, ready-to-go option, consider this set of 10 laminated cards.

Order of Draw Badge Card

Hangs from a lanyard for easy & fast access

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