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From the very beginning, our mission has been clear: to support the healthcare heroes behind the scenes with a product line that meets every need. Thirty years later, our commitment hasn't wavered. It's your trust and collaboration that have shaped our journey – past, present, and future. 

Choose Comfort and Convenience: Quick-Shipping Chairs That Work for You

We know your chairs should put more than your patients at ease, they should make your job easier, safer, and more efficient. When you find the right one for you, our quick shipping options will deliver your order in days, not weeks. Because that’s what friends are for.

We’ve Got Your Back, Every Step of the Way

Remember those moments in the lab when you wished for something that just made sense? That’s where our journey began, not just with the Tube Jockey, but with every product we’ve introduced since. With 30 years of deepening our friendship with lab professionals like you, we’ve committed ourselves to be there for you, offering solutions that understand and meet your needs. 

Ready to see what we’ve got for you? Dive into our clinical lab line of products and discover the solutions designed with your lab challenges in mind. 


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