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Organization. It’s what separates the best from the rest, and a well-stocked utility cart keeps all your essentials conveniently close at hand. Our utility carts are thoughtfully designed for specific purposes, and this guide will help walk you through the decision-making process and find the right cart for your needs. 

Here are some other things to consider before purchasing:

  1. What are you storing in your cart?
  2. Is the cart going to be mobile or stationary? 
  3. Does it need to be heavy duty or will a lightweight frame work?
  4. Is stain-resistance important? Is stainless steel needed for this application?
  5. Is security an issue? If so, are there many users accessing it or will a single key suffice? If using a keyed lock, would all locks be keyed alike or should they be unique?
  6. Do you need a collapsible design for saving space or taking on-the-go?
  7. How many bins or storage spaces do you need? Are there any specific size requirements desired?

At Marketlab, we want our customers to be 100% satisfied with our products, which is why we're here to help make sure you find a cart that meets your demands. Below we highlight the key styles found in our comprehensive line of utility carts.


You can’t beat the combination of durability, cleanability, and flexibility that plastic carts deliver. Pick the storage layout that works best for you, with a combination of drawers, bins, and tubs to suit any application.

Stainless Steel

Some applications require the ultimate in worry-free performance, and our stainless steel carts are ready for duty, whether it’s heavy duty or medium duty. Choose from one to three shelves, with or without guard rails, and keep your most important items nearby when needed. You can even choose stainless steel carts with drawers or a spill control cart with enclosed shelves.


We designed our Insight® brand of utility carts and accessories with direct input from healthcare professionals to make them the ultimate solution for everyday tasks. These carts combine mobility, durability, and affordability…which gives everyone the ability to get more done. Start with the model that fits your needs, then tweak it with extra dividers, brackets, and more to make it your own.


The catch-all of the mobile storage, wire utility carts deliver tons of storage space in convenient wire baskets. The lightweight design makes it easy to move throughout a space, and the variety of divider boxes and wire basket sizes make it truly customizable. You could even retrofit an existing cart by adding a wire basket or two. With up to 11 containers in one cart, this is a true workhorse of the workplace.


At Marketlab, we offer an expansive collection of utility carts to support a variety of healthcare functions. But there are always ways to make your cart work harder for you, and we have the accessories that will complete your ideal cart. From Dunnage racks that increase storage to larger wheels that enhance movement, there are plenty of ways to trick out your Marketlab utility cart.

Looking for more information? Give us a call, and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect cart.