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Shopping for phlebotomy carts? This buying guide will give you the confidence to find the perfect phlebotomy cart for your needs. Before you being, consider the following questions:

  1. What equipment are you storing and how much of it? 
  2. What kind of mileage are you looking to put on it? Do you plan to move it across the room or across your facility?
  3. When the cart’s not in use, do you have a designated storage space for it?
  4. Lock it or leave it? Do you have security issues that require lockable doors and drawers? What kind of locks do you need and who needs access?
  5. How quickly do you need it? Many of our products ship in eight days or less, so be sure to check the lead time if timing is critical.


We've made finding the perfect phlebotomy cart easy by breaking down the unique features and benefits of each options. Interested in learning more about a specific cart? Click here or call us – we'll be happy to work with you to find a cart that meets your needs.

Insight Phlebotomy Carts

  • More in store. Insight carts offer maximum storage capacity and a large work surface.
  • Super strength. The rugged aluminum base stands up to your demands.
  • Locked and loaded. The drawers include a modular rail system for storage flexibility, and the centralized lock keeps everything secure.

FlexyCart Phlebotomy Carts

  • Total adaptability. FlexyCart lives up to its name with a fully customizable design.
  • Detachable components. Mix and match even during a shift to create the cart that best supports your team.
  • Full-featured. The deluxe model features a variety of baskets and storage solutions to hit the ground running. 
  • Build-your-own. Start with a FlexyCart frame and add every accessory you want. Add more parts or reconfigure at any time.

Go-Cart Phlebotomy Carts

  • Easy breezy. The lightweight design with four 360°casters is easy to maneuver, even in tight spaces.
  • Choices galore. Go with the base model, which can be spiced up with accessories, or choose the fully loaded model with all the bells and whistles.
  • Quick draw. Go-Cart is the easiest way to takes blood draws anywhere in the facility.

Mobile Phlebotomy Carts

  • Going mobile. You never stop moving, so make sure you have a cart that can keep up with you.
  • Meet the family. Choose from mobile phlebotomy carts, stands, and workstations, whatever type of product you need.

Pediatric Phlebotomy Carts

  • Right in the comfort zone. Ease anxiety and enhance comfort with fun, colorful designs.
  • Kid-focused, doctor-approved. Every aspect of these carts was designed with both doctors and little ones in mind.
  • A carnival of colors. Choose from a variety of bright, eye-catching options.

EZ-Cart Phlebotomy Cart

  • Always easy. The EZ-Cart is built to accept a variety of functional accessories such as totes and baskets.
  • Quick change artist. EZ-Cart allows you to rearrange your supplies and storage solutions instantly and without tools.
  • Built to last. This phlebotomy cart is engineered and constructed to be reliable for years to come.

Stationary Phlebotomy Stands

  • Wheels up. Just because there are no casters doesn’t mean these lightweight stands aren’t easy to move when needed.
  • Come clean. Our ClintonClean™ models feature easy-to-clean hard plastic surfaces.
  • Entry level opportunity. The simple design and affordable price point makes these a great solution for new draw stations for healthcare environments in flux.

Titan Draw Cart

  • The strong, silent type. Five silent, twin-wheel casters move quietly and effortlessly throughout a space.
  • Titanic strength. Titan carts feature sturdy bases that deliver a dependable experience.
  • Reach new heights. The height-adjustable worksurface moves up and down smoothly to accommodate different users.
  • Germ warfare. Fight the spread of germs with the antimicrobial worksurface.

TransCart Phlebotomy Carts

  • Custom tailored. TransCarts are never one-size-fits-all, they are designed specifically for your unique job and needs.
  • Smooth move. These carts are designed with mobility in mind, and move effortlessly and quietly.
  • One for all. Although TransCarts are designed for your unique needs, they are also built to address all aspects of blood draw transport and organization.

Phlebotomy Cart Accessories

  • Always accessorize. Choose the unique add-ons that will make your cart perfect for you and your patients.
  • Run the gamut. MarketLab carries a vast selection of phlebotomy cart accessories, from waste cans to sharps containers to basket dividers.
  • Never stop adding. Your needs are always evolving, and your carts should adapt in response.

Universal Draw Cart Accessories

  • A welcome addition. From pediatric accessories to foley hooks to storage solutions, MarketLab has all the optional add-ons you need.