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Insight® Phlebotomy Carts

Intuitive Storage for Phlebotomists

Insight® Phlebotomy Carts, available in standard and ergonomic configurations, offer phlebotomists the supply organization they need, where they need it. As you start to use it, you'll understand that we took great care include easy-access tilt bins, lockable drawers, an ample work surface, and a large open cabinet - a combination of the most popular organizers among phlebotomists.

The phlebotomy line also includes the Replenishment Station, a supply room on wheels, designed to help eliminate unnecessary trips to restock your carts. These carts also include a large work surface for easy refilling of phlebotomy trays.

Insight® Phlebotomy Cart

Our innovative, industry-leading Insight® Phlebotomy Cart serves as the value-engineered solution to unreliable alternatives and is a customer favorite thanks to its modular rail system, ample storage capacity, and easy maneuverability.

  • Ample storage variety and capacity
  • Industry-recognized casters for quality and durability
  • Modular rail system for arranging components
  • Centralized lock for drawers and door

Insight® Ergo Phlebotomy Cart with 5" Casters

We updated our Insight® Phlebotomy Cart to meet your ergonomic demands with an extended, angled handle that eliminates bending or hunching while you push. Ideal for taller phlebotomists, this cart promotes proper posture and minimizes potential back and shoulder strain.

  • Extended, angled handle eliminates bending and hunching over while pushing the cart
  • Ergonomic design promotes superior posture and reduces back and shoulder strain
  • 42" overall height makes cart ideal for taller users
  • Rugged 5" casters

Insight® Phlebotomy Replenishment Station

Easily restock phlebotomy trays and carts close to the point of care with these streamlined, dual-sided Phlebotomy Replenishment Stations. Open shelves allow users to customize the Carts with bins and baskets to meet organizational and storage demands, while more sensitive supplies can be stored behind lockable doors and cabinets. The Carts' versatile designs also makes them ideal for stocking PPE and other essentials in high-traffic areas. 

  • Open shelves allow users to accessorize with bins and containers
  • Dual sided
  • Lockable doors and drawers are keyed alike
  • Large, spacious worksurface
  • Top drawer fits most wireless keyboards
  • Two routed handles
  • 3" casters (two locking)

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