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Insight® Infection Prevention Stations

Anticipated Configurations with Unexpected Capacity

Insight® Mobile Infection Prevention Stations are designed specifically to hold essential PPE supplies. All you have to do is fill them up and roll them into place to have an impact on helping stop the spread of germs. The Isolation Stations are a fraction of the cost of traditional steel isolation carts while providing more organizational options. The Hygiene Stations allow you to place PPE supplies wherever they're needed most, like high-traffic public areas, even if that changes from day to day.

Insight® Standard Mobile Isolation Station

The closest design to a traditional steel isolation cart, the Standard Mobile Isolation Station includes large-capacity drawers that provide flexibility in how they're organized.

  • Three drawers provide ample space for supplies
  • Dry erase backboard has dual-sided writing surface
  • Polycarbonate drawer faces are virtually indestructible

Insight® Original Mobile Isolation Station

Deceptively deep, the Mobile Isolation Station is more than meets the eye. What looks like four shelves is actually four drawers with dispenser fronts. This unique design allows for more storage capacity than other isolation carts with the convenience of built-in dispensers.

  • Four storage drawers with built-in front dispensers
  • Drawer inserts can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Handles on both sides for ease of transport

Insight® Ergo Mobile Isolation Station

The best option for teams that don and doff PPE regularly, the Ergo Mobile Isolation Station is designed for easy access to PPE to help reduce back strain. With a cabinet for storing extra supplies, you can rest assured capacity isn't compromised.

  • Small footprint with ergonomic design
  • Storage compartment with two removable shelves provides ample space for extra supplies
  • Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser

Insight® Mobile Hygiene Station

High-traffic areas need the Insight® Mobile Hygiene Station. With its high capacity, locking cabinet, you'll be able to restock the dispensers without having to go back to the supply room over and over again. It also has a compartment for a trash bin for used supplies.  

  • Adjustable shelves accommodate different sizes of trash cans, storage bins, and supplies
  • Built-in sign holder for infection prevention messaging
  • Lock keeps contents secured

Insight® 2-Sided Mobile Kiosk

With access to PPE supplies available on both sides, the Insight® 2-Sided Mobile Kiosk encourages the use of masks and hand sanitizer while simultaneously promoting social distancing. Set it up between patient rooms, exam rooms, conference rooms, and offices. Or use it in lobbies and waiting rooms to not only provide PPE to visitors, but to also create separate areas or desired traffic flow.

  • Dual-sided design allows access to supplies from either side
  • Small footprint allows for convenient placement throughout your facility
  • Excellent for placement between rooms

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