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PurExcellence Disinfecting Program: A Proven, Proactive Approach to Infection Prevention

The PurExcellence Program guarantees savings through targeted education, process improvement, and sustainable solutions.

30% Savings Guaranteed

PurExcellence is a holistic disinfection program tailored to your facility and delivers a 30% cost savings – GUARANTEED. As part of a program, your current disinfection practice is reviewed and revised. We provide your facility with a standardized solution that often eliminates as many as 7 currently used chemicals. You and your staff will then receive ongoing training and quarterly reviews for the life of the partnership. 

  • Full Site Assessment
    Our team assesses your current protocols, costs, and chemical usage.
  • Targeted Education
    Ongoing training and support for the life of our partnership.
  • Customized Solutions
    Tailored to meet the unique needs of your facility – and adapt as they evolve.
  • Full Compliance
    OSHA, NIOSH, JCAHO compliant, EPA-registered products on Lists N, K, G

How the PurExcellence Program Works

STEP 1: Analysis

An EvaClean team member comes to your facility to review your disinfection routine and create a chemical and cost analysis.

STEP 2: Proposal

EvaClean team member presents a cost savings to your facility based on current spend, usage, etc. 

STEP 3: Training 

EvaClean team member provides training for all shifts, including presentation, chemical differentiators, and all signage and labels. 

STEP 4: Education

EvaClean team member will then be on the floor to observe and coach best practices.

STEP 5: Quarterly Review

90 days from the start, an EvaClean team member provides its first quarterly review to your facility's progress and revisions as needed. 

Why Choose EvaClean?

We ship tablets, not water!

  • Less shipping costs
  • Less handling
  • Less cardboard, plastic, shipping fuel, carbon impact
  • Minimal storage requirement

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