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Easily Match Your Favorite Pipettes with Their Corresponding Tips

We know how important it is for you to have easy, quick access to all the pipettes and pipette tips your medical laboratory uses. That’s why we maintain ample stock of a huge variety, from sterile and non-sterile to filtered and non-filtered. You’ll also find a range of quantities and packaging types to address your medical lab’s unique space concerns.

Please refer to this comprehensive compatibility guide when shopping for pipettes or pipette tips to ensure you choose the right combination. For every tip that we offer, you’ll find a pipette that matches it!

If there is a pipette or pipette tip you want, but can’t find it here, please call us at 1-866-237-3722. We’ll be happy to look into your request!

Non Sterile, Bulk Bag TipsNon-Sterile, Racked TipsNon-Sterile, Reloading Stack TipsSterile TipsSterile Tips, Filtered
ML0398 - D-Tipper Pipette-1000ulML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML0399 - Precision Pipette-1000ulML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML1079 - Minipet Pipettors - 5ul - RaspberryML1093

ML1081 - Minipet Pipettors - 10ul - WhiteML1093

ML1082 - Minipet Pipettors - 20ul - PinkML1093

ML1083 - Minipet Pipettors - 25ul - OrangeML1093

ML1084 - Minipet Pipettors - 30ul - PlumML1093

ML1087 - Minipet Pipettors - 40ul - Light GreenML1093

ML1088 - Minipet Pipettors - 50ul - YellowML1093

ML1089 - Minipet Pipettors - 75ul - GreenML1093

ML1091 - Minipet Pipettors - 100ul - BlueML1093

ML1092 - Minipet Pipettors - 200ul - TealML1093

ML5653 - 100-1000uL Labpette Discovery PipetteML20064ML20065ML20066
ML6077 - ML "Signature Series" MLA Pipette - 10uL Orange FlamesML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML6078 - ML "Signature Series" MLA Pipette - 20uL Black DotsML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML6079 - ML "Signature Series" MLA Pipette - 50uL Green HelixML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML6080 - ML "Signature Series" MLA Pipette - 100uL Blue SwirlsML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML6081 - ML "Signature Series" MLA Pipette - 200uL Red FlamesML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML6082 - ML "Signature Series" MLA Pipette - 250uL Purple SwirlsML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML6083 - ML "Signature Series" MLA Pipette - 500uL Yellow HelixML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML6084 - ML "Signature Series" MLA Pipette - 1000uL Gray DotsML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML9560 - Precision Pipette-10uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9561 - Precision Pipette-25uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9562 - D-Tipper Pipette-10uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9563 - D-Tipper Pipette-25uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9564 - D-Tipper Pipette-50uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9565 - D-Tipper Pipette-100uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9566 - D-Tipper Pipette-200uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9567 - D-Tipper Pipette-250uLML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML9568 - MLA Micropipette 50/100/200uL - Uses 0.2mL TipsML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9593 - MLA Macropipette 2/3/4/5mL - Uses 5mL TipsML1121

ML9605 - Precision Pipette-50uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9606 - Precision Pipette-100uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9607 - Precision Pipette-200uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9635 - Ovation Variable Volume Pipette - 2ul - .2-2 Volume RangeML19674ML19675ML19683
ML9640 - Ovation Variable Volume Pipette - 10ul - 1-10 Volume RangeML19674ML19675ML19683
ML9655 - Ovation Variable Volume Pipette-200ul-20-200 Volume RangeML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML9660 - Ovation Variable Volume Pipette-1000ul-100-1000 Volume RangML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML10760 - 0.1-2.5uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19674ML19675ML19683
ML10761 - 0.5-10uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19674ML19675ML19683
ML10762 - 2-20uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19684ML19685ML19686
ML10763 - 5-50uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19687ML19688ML20063
ML10764 - 10-100uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19687ML19688ML20063
ML10765 - 20-200uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19687ML19688ML20063
ML10766 - 100-1000uL Diamond Advance PipettorML20064ML20065ML20066
ML10767 - 500-5000uL Diamond Advance PipettorML1121

ML10768 - 1-10mL Diamond Advance Pipettor
ML10770 - 5uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19674ML19675ML19683
ML10771 - 10uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19674ML19675ML19683
ML10773 - 20uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19684ML19685ML19686
ML10774 - 50uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19687ML19688ML20063
ML10775 - 100uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19687ML19688ML20063
ML10777 - 500uL Diamond Advance PipettorML20064ML20065ML20066
ML10778 - 1000uL (1mL) Diamond Advance PipettorML20064ML20065ML20066
ML10780 - 5000uL (5mL) Diamond Advance PipettorML1121

ML10785 - 8-Channel, 10-100uL Diamond Advance PipettorML19687ML19688ML20063
ML14046 - Star's Pride Pipette, 1000uLML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML14048 - Stripe's Pride Pipette, 200uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML14052 - Stripe's Pride Pipette, 1000uLML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML14066 - Star's Stripes Pride Pipette, 50uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML19618 - Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness MLA Pipette, 10uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML19619 - Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness MLA Pipette, 20uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML19620 - Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness MLA Pipette, 50uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML19621 - Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness MLA Pipette, 100uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML19622 - Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness MLA Pipette, 200uLML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML19623 - Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness MLA Pipette, 250uLML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML19624 - Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness MLA Pipette, 500uLML1109ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML19625 - Special Edition Breast Cancer Awareness MLA Pipette, 1000uLML1107, ML9667ML1108, ML5327, ML19633ML5329ML5331
ML19628 - Ovation M Mechanical Volume-Set Pipette, 2-20uL, YellowML1107, ML9667ML1106, ML5326, ML19632ML5328ML5330
ML23083 - DiamondPRO, Adjustable, 0.1-2.5uL, RedML19674ML19675ML19683
ML23084 - DiamondPRO, Adjustable, 0.5-10uL, PinkML19674ML19675ML19683
ML23085 - DiamondPRO, Adjustable, 2-20uL, PinkML19684ML19685ML19686
ML23086 - DiamondPRO, Adjustable, 10-100uL, BlueML19687ML19688ML20063
ML23087 - DiamondPRO, Adjustable, 20-200uL, LavenderML19687ML19688ML20063
ML23088 - DiamondPRO, Adjustable, 100-1000uL, OrangeML20064ML20065ML20066
ML23089 - DiamondPRO, Adjustable, 1000-5000uL, GreenML1121

ML23118 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 0.1-2ul, GreenML19674ML19675ML19683
ML23119 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 0.5-10ul, Lt.BlueML19674ML19675ML19683
ML23120 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 2-20ul, Lt.PurpleML19684ML19685ML19686
ML23121 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 5-50ul, OrangeML19687ML19688ML20063
ML23122 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 10-100ul, BlueML19687ML19688ML20063
ML23123 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 20-200ul, YellowML19687ML19688ML20063
ML23124 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 30-300ul, PurpleML20064ML20065ML20066
ML23125 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 100-1000ul, BlueML20064ML20065ML20066
ML23126 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 500-5000ul, PinkML1121

ML23128 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 8 Channel 5-50ul, OrangeML19687ML19688ML20063
ML23129 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 8 Channel 30-300ul, PurpleML20064ML20065ML20066
ML23130 - Pearl® Adjustable Pipette 12 Channel 5-50ul, OrangeML19687ML19688ML20063
ML23131 - Pearl® Adjust Pipette 12 Channel 30-300ul, PurpleML20064ML20065ML20066