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Maintaining a clean and tidy laboratory benchtop is always important, and the following solutions can help avoid organizational issues before they arise.

If you're strapped for time or just don't know where to start, pick one of the suggestions below. You'll be inspired to do more as you experience the different a little organization can make. 

Looking for more space-saving solutions? Check out our entire Organization section for additional ways to organize your benchtop, workspace, or desktop.

Organize Your Office Supplies

Sort and store your pens, paperclips, highlighters, and tape dispensers in desktop organizers with multiple shelves, compartments, and drawers.

Write Reminders & Notes Where You'll See Them

Writing reminders and taking notes is easier than ever when using whiteboard trays and dry-erase boards.

Say Goodbye to the Junk Drawer

The place that stores everything that doesn’t have a designated spot doesn’t have to be a mess. Invest in drawer organizers to keep contents sorted and organized.

Maximize Surface Space with Organizers

Stackable bins, risers, and wall-mounted panels expand storage space vertically, rather than horizontally.

Organize Tubes, Caps & Other Laboratory Supplies

Easily sort and organize lab supplies with fixed-compartment benchtop organizers, or for a more versatile storage option, bins with adjustable compartments can be reconfigured to meet your needs.