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Insight Mobile Supply Carts

New Addition to Insight Mobile Solutions 

Designed for Easier Restocking, Inventorying, and Cleaning

When central supply is too far away to efficiently keep supplies on hand, you need reliable mobile storage. Insight® Mobile Supply Carts provide the stable mobility and organization you’re looking for. More user-friendly than other models on the market, the hallmarks of Insight Mobile Supply Carts are:

  • Intuitive design
  • Constructed for healthcare use
  • All storage accessories shown are included

Intuitive Design

The interior walls are lined with Panelogic™ panels that hold the shelves and bins. They feature runners and stoppers that allow full extension of any shelf or bin accessory without the worry of the accessory falling out. 

Accessories are easily moved so you can rearrange them to meet your changing supply needs. They’re also fully removable for easy restocking and cleaning. 

Constructed for Healthcare

The exterior steel walls provide superior stability during transport, durability to extend the life of the carts and are easily cleaned with standard hospital disinfectants.

The Panelogic interior panels are also made of steel to prolong their life and are seamless so germs have no place to hide.

Door Choices

Tambour doors roll up into the cart, making them the perfect option if you don’t have room for hinged, swing-open doors. An open tambour door also doesn’t impede traffic flow like a hinged door can.

Hinged glass doors allow you to see contents without having to open the cart. The glass is tempered for strength and safety and sits in a rust-free aluminum frame.

What You See Is What You Get

No guessing which accessories you should buy. We include everything you need to start using your cart as soon as it arrives.

Movable storage accessories accommodate your changing supply needs and support cleaning protocols

Steel interior wall panels allow angled placement and full extension of storage accessories for complete access to supplies

Steel exterior walls stand up to rigorous use and provide stable movement

Rugged 5" casters

Two handles; one on each side

Key lock to secure contents

Designed and built in USA

1-year warranty