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Introducing GynoCart

The mobile, safe, and dignified solution for bedside exams.

The Insight GynoCart quickly and effortlessly transforms any hospital bed or ER stretcher into a gynecological, urological, or proctoscopic exam table.

End the discomfort and impracticality of traditional ER exams. With GynoCart, medical professionals can perform an optimal bedside exam with the comfort, ease, and dignity of a full gynecological exam table.

GynoCart allows you to examine patients quickly, while delivering greater dignity and reducing risk.

Accelerated Room Turnover

Enhanced Patient Comfort and Safety

Total Mobility and Maneuverability

Versatility and Adaptability

Easy Storage Accessibility

Lasting Durability and Easy Maintenance 

Learn about the benefits of the GynoCart directly from the inventor of this breakthrough device, Dr. Ron Bochner, MD.


We have within our grasp a way of bringing a dignified, optimal examination to any female patient who has a gynecologic problem and shows up in our health care facilities.

The way I envision GynoCart moving forward is playing an integral role in getting women the care they need in an emergency room department when they show up.

GynoCart Provides Dignified Exams in Any Bed, Any Time

Simply wheel GynoCart and stool to the foot of the bed and place the patient's feet into the built-in stirrups.

Use the optional light to illuminate the exam area, and access any related exam supplies (not included).