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Marketlab provides exceptional products and customer service designed to alleviate the challenges healthcare professionals face every day. 

To us, healthcare isn't an industry. It's a community of people who are committed to improving the quality of life. We share their passion and are proud to support them.

What We Know

A squeaky wheel on a cart is more than a nuisance. It's a detriment to patient satisfaction. 

An unorganized medical bag is more than an inconvenience. It's a needlestick or HIPAA violation waiting to happen. 

Lack of readily available PPE is more than just a hassle. It means the likely spread of infection. 

See, we know you. We've been in your shoes and understand that details matter.

How We Know It

Many of us come directly from the healthcare community. We bring our knowledge and expertise to help inform our product development and selection, so that we can truly help solve your workplace problems. We've also spent more than 28 years visiting your facilities, talking to you to find out what's getting in the way of you doing your job better, easier, faster, more efficiently, and, of course, safer.

How We're Different

Other suppliers see healthcare as an industry. We don't. We see you as a community of likeminded people who care about their fellow human beings' health and overall quality of life. We don't want to just sell products to you, we want to be like you.

| Our Mission

We provide our healthcare partners timely solutions with a straightforward approach based on knowing them and their work.

| Our Vision

We positively impact the lives of people who in turn improve the health and wellness of our communities.

Our Values

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standard – understanding that winning doesn't come at the sacrifice of honesty and integrity.

We maintain the entrepreneurial spirit, risk taking, and creativity that has made our organization a success story.

We think big and see beyond current capabilities and limitations – grasping what we aspire to become as much as who we are today.

We are passionate about our work and our impact on the healthcare community.

We understand that goals and timelines are only as good as the accountability that drives them.

We approach our work with a tenacity that values diversity and allows us to take on any challenge.

Our History

Marketlab started with a single product to alleviate a single problem for phlebotomists - having to reach for blood collection tubes before, during, and after a blood draw was awkward and inefficient. 

Enter the Tube Jockey, a quiver for blood collection tubes that phlebotomists could wear on their wrists. It provided a safe and convenient place to hold empty and filled blood tubes. It was simple. It was unique. It was revolutionary. 

This unassuming product launched a company and an idea that solving the everyday challenges for healthcare workers matters. Today, we hold on to that entrepreneurial spirit to help guide our mission and vision to support the healthcare community.

Here, Everyone Matters

We're a team of innovators who get the job done. No task is too small, no project is too big. We respect one another and recognize a job well done with thanks and appreciation. Our CEO's door is always open and opportunities for growth are never closed. We demand honesty, integrity, and respect from each other because it's the right thing to do. If this sounds like your kind of team, check out our open positions.