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UV Germicidal Disinfecting Wall Cabinet

These germicidal disinfecting cabinets sanitize safety goggles, tablets, and other small tools in five minutes, reducing the spread of bacteria and risk of cross-contamination. No direct UV radiation escapes when the cabinet is in use, and the accident-proof heavy-duty side timer and lockable doors provide an additional level of safety.

Review Summary

UV Germicidal Disinfecting Wall Cabinet

Latex Free

Kill Up to 99.2% of Bacteria in Five Minutes

  • Supplies not included
  • Wall- or shelf-mounted cabinet sanitizes in five minutes
  • Durable 24-gauge enameled steel
  • Double-door cabinet locks with a key
  • Up to a 99.2% average kill rate
  • 7' grounded electrical cord
  • Full sanitization coverage of small lab supplies and tools helps prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria
  • Doors provide a seal that prevents UV radiation from escaping
Germicidal Disinfecting Wall Cabinet
24.5"W x 9.5"D x 32"H
Estimated ship date of 03/09/2021
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