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Ultrasound Gel and Warmer

Acoustically correct for a broad range of frequencies, this gel is used and recommended by leading manufacturers of medical ultrasound equipment worldwide. Its unique formula is hypoallergenic, bacteriostatic, non-sensitizing, and non-irritating. Warmer, available separately, warms gel to body temperature for a more pleasant patient experience. It has a hospital-grade plug and power cord and is UL- and CSA-Listed.


Ultrasound Gel Warmer

Heat indicator

Holds one 0.25L bottle

Review Summary

Ultrasound Gel and Warmer

Increase Patient Comfort with Gel Warmers

  • Works with all ultrasound equipment and transducers
  • Safe to use on all patients
  • Won't stain clothing or damage transducers
  • #1 ultrasound gel on the market
Ultrasound Gel Warmer
Single-Bottle • 3.375"W x 3.625"D x 7.375"H
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