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RFID Rack for CapTrack CT1 and CT2


Automatically eliminate the need for time-consuming manual tube processing with the innovative CapTrack, which enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of sample contamination, exposure to bloodborne pathogens, and repetitive strain injuries. Excellent for small- to mid-sized blood processing laboratories, CapTrack has an intuitive design that makes it easy to recap 13mm tubes of any height. Simply load the carousel with tubes, fill the hopper with CT flange caps, and press start.CT1 and CT2 Models offer advanced sample management with tube recall functions. Simply enter the specimen ID, and the system will provide the date/time the sample was processed, rack number, and either tube height and cap color or rack position.

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RFID Rack for CapTrack CT1 and CT2

Latex Free

RFID Rack and Tube Racks

  • RFID-enabled Racks come preassembled with unique RFID disks
  • Individual RFID Disks (1" diameter) can be attached to most racks with tape or adhesive
  • Allows users to easily track specimens with CapTrack™ to the appropriate cold storage location for quick, convenient recall
  • Autoclavable, noncoated, reinforced nylon
RFID Disk for CapTrack™ CT1 and CT2
Estimated ship date of 03/29/2021
RFID Tube Rack • 13mm
Full Size • 72 Place
RFID Tube Rack • 13mm
Half Size • 36 Place
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Estimated ship date of 03/29/2021
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