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Tube Jockey


No more twisting and reaching for tubes. With Tube Jockey, you're free to draw the patient in the safest, most convenient, and most organized position possible. Holds both 13-16 mm tubes! Now, no matter where you go to draw, you'll always have a safe place to put your tubes and they'll always be in full view.

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3 Stars
Needs softer rubber

wrote ():

This is an amazing idea! Great when you are a phlebotomist who does not draw in typical setting. I'm a "mobile" phlebotomist, I've worked nursing homes and now I draw for health risk assessments and we go on site to the clients. The setting is ALWAYS different, sometimes we have a table and sometimes we don't! The Tube Jockey is GREAT for my needs except for the one little factor that the previous reviewer stated, it's too stiff! It's difficult when trying to use it especially if you are doing a hard stick or barely in the vein for whatever reason because it's nearly impossible to hold your drawing hand still and avoid loss of the vein when changing tubes and placing them in to the Tube Jockey. A simple adjustment in the manufacturing by using a softer rubber to make the "slots" that you place the tubes into would make this one of the most valuble tools in a phlebotomist's "tool belt". I beg of the manufacturer to truly consider making this adjustment because I would buy them for each of my phlebotomist's and another one for myself. ml MARKETLAB, if you could get this idea to the manufacturer I would forever be greatful to you! Thank you for hearing your customer feedback and thank you in advance for taking whatever action you can to make my feedback work for change :)

3 Stars
Stiff tube-holder

wrote ():

I want to love this and I think I would have given it 4-5 stars if it weren't for how stiff the holder is. It's very stiff, hard to get the tubes in/out without jerking the hand holding the needle. Also, the wrist strap is wide, which looks bulky on my tiny wrist.

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Tube Jockey


Tube Jockey Keeps Tubes Within Reach

  • Always have a safe place to put your tubes
  • Tube holder securely attaches to wristband with Velcro┬«
  • Holds both 13mm and 16mm tubes
  • Patented
Tube Jockey
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Tube Jockey
4-place Holder
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Tube Jockey
Wristband/Holder Set (as seen on model)
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