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Insufficiency Leg Model

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Review Summary

Insufficiency Leg Model

Latex Free

Venous and Arterial Insufficiency Leg Training Models

  • Modeled from an actual patient for added realism
  • Use as a teaching tool and practice leg for clinicians learning about compression wrapping
  • Vinnie includes ulcers, cellulitis, stasis dermatitis, varicose veins, hemosiderin staining, vasculitis, lipodermatosclerosis, calciphyaxis, pyoderma grangrenosum, healed foot ulcer, fungal thickened toenails, maceration, diabetic ulcer, atrophie blanche, pitting edema, reticular and telangiectasia veins
  • Annie includes arterial ulcers, necrotic toes, eschar heel, charcot foot, diabetic foot ulcer, cellulitis, dystrophic nail, mottling, callus and heel fissures
Insufficiency Leg Model
Vinnie Venous
Estimated ship date of 03/24/2021
Insufficiency Leg Model
Annie Arterial
Estimated ship date of 03/24/2021
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