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Tissue Freezing Medium

The best cryo-embedding medium is now even better - freeze specimens with five color options for easy differentiation between samples. Tissue Freezing Media is an innovative, unique solution that assists in minimizing tissue decay which helps preserve blocks better and extend the life of the specimen.

Review Summary

Tissue Freezing Medium

Latex Free

Extend Specimen Block Life With Tissue Freezing Medium

  • Easier Processing
  • Differentiate samples by color-code
  • Reduced water content minimizes freeze fracture
  • Unique formula reduces curling, allowing easier pickup of flat serial sections
  • Minimize tissue decay
  • Packaged with wooden tray with built-in cavities for media bottles
Tissue Freezing Medium • 4oz
Tissue Freezing Medium • 5 Color Kit • 4oz/ea
Estimated ship date of 10/05/2020
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