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Micromesh Cassettes

ML102241 compatible with Leica & Sakura LabelersML54825 compatible with ThermoShandon Labelers

Review Summary

Micromesh Cassettes

Latex Free

Eliminate the Need for Biopsy Pads with Micromesh Cassettes

  • 1,676 x 0.38mm square openings maximize fluid exchange and drainage without biopsy pads
  • Large anterior slots in both the cassette and cover ensure that the Cassette will sink rapidly and stay submerged
  • Large, 27mm square compartment is ideal even for needle biopsies
  • Anterior writing area is at a 45° angle to make the Cassette more suitable for use with automated cassette printers
  • Recessed cover excellent for automatic labeling and tissue processors
  • Easy-to-remove, preattached disposable cover
  • Acetal is resistant to the chemical action of histological solvents
Micromesh™ Biopsy Cassettes • Taped Stack
Micromesh™ Biopsy Cassettes • Bulk
Micromesh™ Biopsy Cassettes • In Sleeves
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