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Elapsed Time Indicators

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Excellent for reminding when equipment needs validating, monitoring the shelf life of stains, or tracking when a component needs to be replaced, these innovative Elapsed Time Indicators provide constant visual reminders every time they're used. The easy-to-use Indicators activate with just the press of a button, and attach directly to most products and devices.

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Elapsed Time Indicators

Latex Free
Prop 65

Simple, Visual, Cost-Effective Reminders Monitor Elapsed Time

  • Provides a constant visual reminder, which encourages closer adherence to replacement and servicing cycles
  • Self-adhesive design attaches directly to a product or device
  • Colored line appears almost immediately after activation to confirm the indicator is active
  • Simply press the activation button firmly to release the liquid from the blister and start the timer
  • Three-year shelf life
Elapsed Time Indicator
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Elapsed Time Indicator
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Elapsed Time Indicator
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Elapsed Time Indicator
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