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Test Tube Capping Device

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Repetitive capping of test tubes can cause soreness and fatigue of the hands and fingers. With the Test Tube Capper, you can use your entire arm for leverage, reducing finger soreness and hand stress. Make life in the lab more pleasant by making a repetitive task easier.

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Test Tube Capping Device

Latex Free

Say Goodbye to Sore Fingers

  • Reduces fatigue and soreness caused by repeatedly capping tubes
  • Fits comfortably in your hand
  • Polypropylene with vinyl-covered handhold
  • Designed for use with recessed-center caps on glass or plastic tubes
  • Polypropylene tip presses down on cap to securely position it within test tube
Test Tube Capper • 1.75"Dia x 3.5"L
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