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Stethoscope Hanger Stations

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The Stethoscope Hanger Station allows you to set up numerous opportunities for stethoscope diaphragm disinfection that will strengthen your overall infection control process. Encourage more regular cleaning.

Review Summary

Stethoscope Hanger Stations

Latex Free
Prop 65

Take Control of Stethoscope Disinfection

  • Provide a clean place to hang stethoscopes when not in use
  • Creates visual reminder to regularly clean stethoscopes between patients
  • Built-in dispensing unit for Clean Stethoscope or alcohol swabs promotes cleaning right at the point of hanging
  • Holds one or two stethoscopes
  • Easy to routinely clean
Stethoscope Hanger
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Stethoscope Hanger
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
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