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Steiner Stain Kit

American Master*Tech optimized this popular procedure to save your valuable time by improving the working solution and simplfying steps to produce consistent results with each test. While other kits take an hour to perform, this Steiner Kit takes just 30 minutes when using the microwave procedure and about 50 minutes when using the traditional procedure.

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Steiner Stain Kit

A Faster, More Efficient Steiner Stain Kit

  • Stains for Spirochete, Legionella, Cat Scratch Fever, Helicobacter, and Donvan Bodies
  • Takes as little as 30 minutes for microwave procedure and approx. 50 minutes for traditional procedure
  • Includes instructions for conventional and microwave staining
  • By American MasterTech
Steiner Stain Kit
100mL Kit
Estimated ship date of 03/09/2021
Steiner Stain Kit
Pint Kit
Estimated ship date of 03/09/2021
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