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Temperature Tracker

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Sample and medication loss happens. If you don’t have a way to track temperature in transit, in real time, can you say with certainty it hasn’t happened to you? Connect with T-Tracks for real-time temperature monitoring and alerts. Advanced, state-of-the-art sensors and cloud-based technology ensure the status of your samples and medication are available virtually immediately.

  1. Mobile T-Tracks sensors obtain temperature and transmit via Bluetooth
  2. Mobile app or access point captures transmitted data and sends to the Cloud
  3. Cloud-based processes create real-time temperature and remediation data feed
  4. Access data, administer, and remediate as samples and medications are in-transit via web browser-based dashboard
“We love T-Tracks' unique ability to monitor sample temperature in real-time while transporting coolers - it confirms our process is working.”

Jim Hobbs, President
Am-Tran Courier Service, San Francisco, CA

Learn more by reading our article: How to Prevent Sample Spoilage and Loss

Special ordering instructions: Sensor app available for Android™ on Google Play™

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring for Every Tote!

Call us today for personalized T-Tracks packages at personalized prices!

Location Sensors and additional Temperature Sensors also available; call us today!

T-Tracks™ Temperature Service • Starter Pack
  • 5 NIST Traceable T-Tracks Sensors
  • Smartphone app*
  • 1-Year subscription to T-Tracks Service

Review Summary

Temperature Tracker

Virtually Eliminates Temperature Noncompliance

  • Eliminate the risk of lost, late, or misplaced specimens and medications
  • Real-time tracking and cloud-based data storage
  • Enhances ability to correct temperature in-transit
  • Perfect replacement for cumbersome manual tracking processes
  • T-Tracks web-based dashboard provides real-time alerts, delivery confirmation, and organized compliance reports
  • Monitor from mobile devices or the web-based dashboard
  • No IT/System alterations required! Monitor from mobile devices or web-based dashboard!
T-Tracks™ Temperature Service • Starter Pack
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