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The Best System to Prevent Laboratory Sample Spoilage and Loss

Lost samples can be embarrassing and even disastrous for a healthcare organization. With so much that can go wrong after collection, can you really afford not to do all you can to ensure they are delivered successfully?

With SmartSampleGPS, you can easily keep track of pickup, delivery, and all steps in between. This revolutionary specimen tracking system uses GPS and a secure, transport-monitoring web portal to give you unprecedented oversight at all times. SmartSampleGPS also is fully integrated with Google Maps to provide you with the smoothest operating and observation experience possible.

If you’re looking for a location tracking AND temperature tracking solution, opt for our SmartSampleGPS+ Starter Pack. It includes location trackers, chargers that power your trackers up to five days, and long lasting and highly accurate temperature probes to ensure sample integrity.

Stop losing samples and start tracking them the smartest way!
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