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Sterile Sampling Bag

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Requiring very little storage space before and during use, these leakproof Sterile Sampling Bags are designed for convenience. Perforated tear strips guarantee sterility, while two external grip tabs allow for opening without the risk of contamination from finger contact. Once samples have been added, simply fold the bag several times and bend the wires to secure the sample inside the airtight, moisture-sealed bag. A write-on block eliminates the need for tape and labels and makes it easy to track and identify bag contents.

Review Summary

Sterile Sampling Bag

Latex Free

Save Space with Easy-to-Use Sampling Bags

  • Leakproof and airtight bags are gamma sterilized for virgin interior surfaces with no toxic residue from gas exposure
  • Folds completely flat and takes up less room than containers
  • Grip tabs allow for easy opening and eliminates contamination risks
  • Write-on block allows for easy labeling
  • Meets USDA, EPA, and FDA standards and are sterile, RNase and DNase free, and nonpyrogenic
  • PVC tab that surrounds the stainless-steel wire is extended beyond the wire ends to eliminate potential punctures, scratched hands, or ripped gloves
  • Virgin polyethylene for superior clarity and strength
Sterile Sampling Bag
Estimated ship date of 03/10/2021
Sterile Sampling Bag
Estimated ship date of 03/10/2021
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