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Courier Tamper Resistant Transport Bag

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Trace specimens in a way that's secure, leak-resistant, and tamper-evident. Specimens are secure in the CourierAssure® bag, which is traceable by barcode and QR-Code, so lost or comprised specimens can be quickly identified.

Review Summary

Courier Tamper Resistant Transport Bag

Latex Free

Secure, Leak-Resistant, and Tamper-Evident Specimen Traceability

  • Economical chain of custody shipping solution for lab specimens transported by couriers
  • Use of opaque plastics enhances patient privacy and HIPAA compliance
  • Improved traceability with unique, sequential barcodes on bags
  • Biohazard markings, leak-resistant zipper, and tamper-evident tape seal provide additional security
Courier Tamper Resistant Transport Bag • 12"x18"
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