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Slide Binder

Archive up to 160 slides with View-Pack Binder. This three-ring loose-leaf binder includes 10 vinyl Slide Holder Pages that have pockets featuring a white back and transparent front. Every page also has a center flap that holds slides securely. Folding the page along the middle crease allows slides to be conveniently retrieved. The Slide Holder Pages may also be purchased separately.

Review Summary

Slide Binder

Store and View Slides in a Three-Ring Binder

  • Complete with ten 22 x 27cm vinyl slide holder pages
  • View slides against white background
  • Each page holds 16 slides individually
View-Pack Binder • 12"W x 9"H Includes 10 Slide Holder Pages
Estimated ship date of 03/16/2021
Extra Slide Holder Pages • 10.5"W x 8.5"H
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
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