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Skull Skeleton Models

Additional Product Information

- Teeth are individually cast for realistic dentition; magnetic connections

- Mounted on a cervical spine and featuring the hindbrain, spinal cord, cervical nerves, and the vertebral, basilar, and rear-cerebral arteries

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Skull Skeleton Models

Latex Free
Prop 65

Skeleton Sections Ideal for Anatomical Studies and Medical Professionals

  • Highly accurate representations of the fissures, foramina, processes, and sutures
  • Disassemble into a skull cap, base of skull, and mandible
  • High-quality human-skull cast handmade from unbreakable plastic
  • Mandible is mounted on a spring to easily demonstrate natural movement
  • Three-year warranty
Classic Skull Model • 3-part
Estimated ship date of 03/05/2021
Cervical Spine on Skull Model
Estimated ship date of 03/05/2021
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