An Investment in Staff Protection Yields Patient Satisfaction

Studies show a 5% increase in patient satisfaction can produce $2.5 million in reimbursements. myGuardian™ with Vestex® Protection scrubs and lab coats are designed to contribute to increased reimbursements by protecting and keeping staff safe at all times. A protected and happy staff yields improved patient care – and satisfaction survey scores too.

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Anti-Microbial and Fluid Repellency Now Available for Your Protection

Being protected is crucial for both you and your patients. Only myGuardian™ scrubs and lab coats provide all-day, active-barrier protection capable of repelling fluids and preventing pathogen growth all at once.

  • The fluid repellent properties of Vestex prevent the acquisition, retention, and oversaturation of contaminants. Liquids “bead” and never penetrate the fabric
  • The non-leaching, highly durable anti-microbial of Vestex inhibits growth on the fabric of any bacteria left behind
Vestex Technology
The Technology
Exclusive Global medical textile patents to three technologies make Vestex unique and impossible to find anywhere else. Vestex technologies feature:
  • Fluid barrier protection
  • Semeltec™ anti-microbial
  • Cooling, breathable fiber
  • Stain resistance
  • Odor control
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*Read the Clinical Studies
Vestex in the Emergency Department
Wear Vestex in the ED
Time is an important concern when treating patients in the emergency department. No matter the condition of your patient or how quickly you need to work, Vestex protects against unexpected splashes of bodily fluids while keeping you cool and comfortable in any situation.Shop myGuardian Vestex Apparel

Vestex in Triage
Wear Vestex in Triage
When dealing with droves of patients per day, unexpected and unknown exposures are common. Wearing attire clinically proven* to reduce the acquisition of contaminants is better for everyone.Shop myGuardian Vestex Apparel

Vestex for Every Blood Draw
Wear Vestex at Every Blood Draw
No two blood draws are exactly the same. So while a perfect draw situation may occur for one patient, another may surprise you with the unexpected splatter of blood. Reduce the risk of the unexpected with all-day comfort and fluid barrier protection. Shop myGuardian Vestex Apparel


myGuardian Vestex Scrubs
Custom Embroidery Available
Custom Embroidery
Personalize your Vestex scrubs and lab coats with embroidery. Call us today for information.
Vestex Care Instructions
Wash It Once or a Hundred Times
Vestex never stops working. Everything that makes Vestex the most protective active barrier on the market today won’t wash away in laundry or wear off after repeated use.
Download Vestex Care Instructions
myGuardian Vestex Size
Not sure what size to order?
From 2XS to 2XL our size chart will help you order the sizes that are perfect for your staff.
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