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Self-Venting Wash Bottle - Assorted Pack

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Review Summary

Self-Venting Wash Bottle - Assorted Pack

Latex Free

OSHA and GHS Compliant Vented Wash Bottles

  • Safety-Vented Wash Bottles are compliant with the GHS and OSHA’s HazCom 29 CFR 1910.120
  • Assorted pack comes with Acetone, Ethanol, Distilled Water, Isopropanol, Sodium Hypochlorite (Bleach), and Self-Labeling Bottles
  • Each bottle is preprinted with the chemical name and formula, GHS pictogram and signal word, National Fire Protection Association Section 704 Four-color Diamond, health hazards, Chemical Abstract System number, and suggested protection (Self-Labeling Bottle information can be filled in by user)
  • 53mm wide mouth allows for easy refilling with minimized spillage
  • Bottles made from translucent LDPE
  • Simple, convenient bottle identification with color-coded polypropylene closures
Self-Venting Safety Wash Bottle, 500ml, Assorted
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