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Refrigerator Medical Lock Boxes

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Refrigerator Lock Boxes are ideal for locking up new lot numbers of controls to ensure that they are not accidentally used before the old lot is exhausted. The locking mechanism is made from heavy-gauge stainless steel. Plastic dividers are available for the inside of the box to keep specimens organized. Each box includes two keys.

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Stainless steel tops extremely heavy, with two containers attached to one metal grate refrigerator shelf, shelf sags under the weight of two large boxes when attached. Still have not figure out what the two front snaps on red containers are for? Carefull when installing as the metal edges of the attached shelf very sharp!

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You are correct. The Refrigerator Medical Lock Boxes are heavy-duty. They are constructed of stainless steel tops and hardened plastic boxes so that they can withstand the rigors of autoclaving to keep them medically clean. Most other medical lock boxes are not autoclavable. Their rugged construction also helps make them more secure than other refrigerator lock boxes.

We recommend one lock box per shelf to help avoid weight capacity issues with refrigerator shelves.

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Refrigerator Medical Lock Boxes

Turn Your Refrigerator into a Locked Safe

  • Keep medications secure
  • No two boxes keyed-alike
  • Easily installs on either glass or wire shelves
  • Autoclavable drawers are easy to keep clean
  • Use dividers to keep medications or specimens organized
Lock Box
OD: 8.5"W x 11.75"D x 5"H • ID: 6.4"W x 9.2"D x 3.4"H
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
Lock Box
OD: 8.5"W x 11.75"D x 6.5"H • ID: 6.1"W x 9.1"D x 4.9"H
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
Lock Box
OD: 11"W x 17.25"D x 9.25"H • ID: 9.2"W x 14.8"D x 7.9"H
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
12"L • For ML10390 & ML10391
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
9"L • For ML10390 & ML10391
In Stock. Ready to Ship.
10"L • For ML10392
Estimated ship date of 03/08/2021
16"L • For ML10393
Estimated ship date of 03/29/2021
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