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HemoCue Fecal Occult Blood Test

Hemoccult SENSA Dispensapak™ Plus is designed for the patient to collect their three samples and mail their triple slide back to the ordering Provider or laboratory. It includes 6 bottles of SENSA developer with 40 patient kits. Patient kit includes 1 SENSA triple slide, 3 sample tissues, 3 applicators and barrier mailing envelope.Hemoccult Single Slide is designed for on demand use during an office visit. It includes 100 SENSA single slides, 2 bottles of developer and 100 applicator sticks.

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HemoCue Fecal Occult Blood Test

Latex Free

Fecal Occult Blood Test Trusted for More Than 40 Years

  • Qualitative guaiac procedure with results in 60 seconds
  • Built-in performance monitors
  • Backed by more than 300 clinical studies of support
Hemoccult II® SENSA® Dispensapak™ Plus • CLIA Waived
Estimated ship date of 05/04/2021
HemoCue Hemocult Single Slide • CLIA Waived
Estimated ship date of 04/20/2021
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