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PTAH Stain Kit

Using 10% zinc chloride solution instead of mercury produces remarkably fast results you can trust. What used to take overnight can now be done in just 15 minutes when you use the microwave procedure for American Master*Tech's P.T.A.H. Stain Kit.

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PTAH Stain Kit

Mercury-Free and Super-Fast P.T.A.H. Stain Kit

  • Stains for striated muscle, fibrin, and CNS
  • Includes instructions for both microwave and conventional staining without Zenker's mordanting
  • By American MasterTech
P.T.A.H. Stain Kit
100mL Kit
Estimated ship date of 05/03/2021
P.T.A.H. Stain Kit
Pint Kit
Estimated ship date of 05/03/2021
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