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Microscope Slide Labels

Blank Microscope Slide Labels

  • Designed specifically to identify slides
  • Resists exposure to harsh chemicals during the slide staining process
  • Performs well in stains including hematoxylin and eosin
  • Can be applied before staining and withstands most soaks and stains
  • Stands up to paraffin, processing, and long-term storage
Labels for BBP33 Label Printers (ML18965, 18966, 18967, 18968, 18969)
0.9"W x 0.9"H • Polyester
Estimated ship date of 06/01/2021
Labels for 1" Core Industry Printers
0.9"W x 0.75"H • Polyester
Estimated ship date of 05/24/2021
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