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Curtain Guard

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Help prevent HAIs with this antimicrobial curtain guard. Attached with magnets and removed easily, the guard can be cleaned with any hospital-grade cleaner. Not only does the device help prevent the spread of infection, but also from having to replace curtains, making the design cost-effective and convenient.

Review Summary

Curtain Guard

Latex Free

Antimicrobial Curtain Guard

  • Antimicrobial curtain guard helps prevent HAIs from gloves or hands touching the curtains
  • Money-saving guard prevents you from replacing the entire curtain
  • Cleans easily with any hospital-grade cleaner
  • Attaches with 3 magnets; easy to remove
  • Magnet weight capacity: 30lbs per magnet
MarketLab Antimicrobial 24"x24" CurtainGuard
Curtain Guard
MarketLab Antimicrobial 48"x72" CurtainGuard
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