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RF3000 Electronic Pipette Controller

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Designed for comfort and ease of use, this electronic pipette controller is ergonomically balanced with a loaded pipette and has a rechargeable li-ion battery with up to 20 hours of continuous use. Different colors of nose cones differentiate tasks or users, while bright LEDs indicate high, low, and gravity modes.

RF3000 Electronic Pipette Controller
  • RF3000 Electronic Pipette Controller
  • Charging stand and wall-mountable/magnetic holder
  • Low voltage, double-insulated AC adapter 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz with four interchangeable plugs for international use
  • Nozzle adapter for use with small pipettes
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery
  • Five nose cones: blue, lime, shamrock, teal, lilac
  • Three replacement 0.45 um filters
  • *Does NOT include pipettes or mounting hardware

Review Summary

RF3000 Electronic Pipette Controller

Latex Free

Comfortable, Accurate Pipetting

  • Long-life li-ion rechargeable battery with a quick charge and up to 20 hours of continuous use; fully recharges in under one hour and can be charging when pipette is in operation
  • Operates with 100–240V electrical supplies
  • Blue, black, yellow, red, and grey nose cones help differentiate users or department
  • Low-battery indicator and bright LEDs indicate that high, low, and gravity modes
  • Toggle operation and UV-resistant housing
  • Universal grip and soft-coated triggers with direction indicators
  • Pipette accepts any common 25mm brand filters, delivering savings to users
  • For use with pipettes 1–100mL (glass or plastic)
  • Autoclavable nose cone
  • Five-year warranty
RF3000 Electronic Pipette Controller
Estimated ship date of 04/13/2021
Filters for RF3000 and RF1000 Rota-Fillers
Estimated ship date of 04/13/2021
RF3000 Electronic Pipettor Rechargeable Battery
Estimated ship date of 04/13/2021
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