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Portable Centrifuges Kit

Portable Centrifuge Kit
  • SproutĀ® Mini Centrifuge
  • 12V car adapter
  • Tube rack
  • Portable Transport case

Review Summary

Portable Centrifuges Kit

Latex Free

Portable, Contained Microcentrifuge

  • Easily spin down and prepare samples outside of a traditional laboratory environment
  • Use in remote environments without traditional electrical supply
  • Allows for on-site testing for fast results
  • Ergonomic Sprout Mini Centrifuge with tool-free snapspin rotors and quick-spin options
  • The centrifuge is excellent for microfilter cell separations and HPLC samples
  • Comes with a transparent, secure transport box specifically designed to hold the centrifuge
  • Five year warranty
Portable Centrifuge Kit
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