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Porta-Spin PX Mobile Centrifuge

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Designed for professionals on the go, Porta-Spin™ is a mobile centrifuge designed for blood sample separation from the road. Powered by any car 12V power source. Will hold and spin up to six tubes at fixed speed specifically set for blood sample centrifugation.

Complete Porta-Spin System
  • 6-place rotor
  • 12V car power adapter

Review Summary

Porta-Spin PX Mobile Centrifuge

Latex Free

On-the-Go Centrifugation

  • Ensure centrifuge is evenly set prior to spinning with lid-mounted “fish-eye” level
  • Nine foot power cord with 12V car outlet plug
  • 6-place angled rotor spins at a fixed 3300rpm
  • Analog timer sets spinning duration up to 30 minutes
  • Dual lid latch for added safety
  • Convenient stainless steel carrying handle
Porta-Spin™ PX 6-Place Mobile Centrifuge
10.2"W x 11.8"D x 7.9"H
Estimated ship date of 05/03/2021
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