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HandyStep touch S Repeating Pipette


HandyStep Touch Repeating Pipette
  • Performance certificate
  • Universal power adapter
  • USB cable
  • Li-ion battery
  • Shelf/rack mount
  • Assorted PD-Tips™
  • Operating manual

Review Summary

HandyStep touch S Repeating Pipette

Latex Free
Prop 65

The First Touchscreen Electronic Pipette with Automatic Tip Ejection

  • User interface inspired by smartphones
  • Functions can be easily accessed with a swipe, important information always stays in view, and integrated functions can be quickly accessed
  • Switch between select modes with a filled tip; pipette settings are saved
  • Pipette, multi-dispense, and auto-dispense pipetting modes
  • Sequential dispensing mode dispenses up to 10 different volumes
  • Multi-aspirating mode allows for consecutive aspiration of the same or different volumes
  • Titration mode savs the last titration result
  • Fully electronic tip injection minimizes the contamination risks
  • Favorites function allows users to save complex processes to avoid repetitive programming
  • Automatically recognizes the tip size of BRAND® PD-Tip® II (ML54787-54807); also compatible with tips from other manufacturers
HandyStep® touch S Repeating Pipette
Estimated ship date of 03/16/2021
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