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Pinnacle for Manual Enzymatic Bottle

Routine medical device cleaning validation is an essential component of medical facilities' quality assurance programs. Occasional testing helps ensure that equipment is properly functioning, identifies any deficiencies, and decreases risks of infections to surgical sites.

The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation advocates for testing mechanical cleaning equipment weekly, at the very least, but preferably every day and after major repairs, and the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses encourages testing mechanical cleaning equipment before it's first used, weekly during service, and once major maintenance has been done.

Review Summary

Pinnacle for Manual Enzymatic Bottle

The Only Solution That Determines the Presence of Active Enzymes in Manual Baths

  • Monitors the cleaning efficacy of manual cleaning solutions
  • Results in 90 seconds
  • Ensures proper dilution and temperature of manual cleaning solutions
  • Provides a visual indication that the enzymatic detergents need to be changed
  • Can be used as a diagnostic tool for expired or degraded enzymatic detergent
Pinnacle™ for Manual Enzymatic Bottle • 50 Strips/Bottle
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