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Adult IV Foot

Life/form Adult IV Foot
  • Adult IV foot
  • 3cc syringe with needle
  • 12cc syringe with needle
  • 22-gauge needle
  • Small white towels
  • Infusion butterfly set
  • IV bags with clamps
  • Lubricant
  • Foot stand
  • Foam foot support
  • Simulated blood
  • Instruction manual

Review Summary

Adult IV Foot

Practice Accessing the Vascular System in the Lower Leg and Foot

  • Developed to assist with techniques and skills required to start an IV in the foot
  • Foot is mounted on a sturdy stand and is easily rotated
  • Palpate the long and short saphenous veins and the dorsal venous arch
  • When the vein is located and needle is inserted, blood may be withdrawn or fluid infused
  • Replaceable, realistic veins and skin
  • Five-year warranty
Life/form® Adult IV Foot • Light
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