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Phlebotomy Tray Barriers

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New CLSI regulations require that phlebotomy trays not be placed on patient surfaces unless the surface is protected from contact with the tray by a protective barrier. Our innovative barriers work together to ensure superior phlebotomy-tray protection, eliminating the transfer of germs, bacteria, and other infectious materials.

Step by Step Process

Step 1: Apply the Base Layer to the bottom of your textured tray and trim to fit
Step 2: Apply the 5-pack of Barriers on top of the Base Layer or flat, nontextured tray bottom and trim to fit
Step 3: After each room visit, remove a Barrier by pulling the tab
Step 4: Remove and replace the Base Layer once the Barriers have all been removed (or as needed)

Review Summary

Phlebotomy Tray Barriers

Latex Free

Reduce the Spread of Germs and Meet CLSI Regulation GP41 6.4.2

  • Prevents the spread of infectious materials from one room to the next
  • Apply Barriers over Base Layers for exceptional protection
  • Barriers come in packs of 5, making them perfect for visiting multiple rooms by stacking together
  • Barriers can be trimmed to fit different tray sizes
  • Base Layer is ideal for creating a uniform surface on textured tray bottoms and can stay on trays as long as needed
  • Barriers are tabbed for convenient one-handed removal
  • Wipes down easily with any disinfectants
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