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Personal Air Purification Device


This Personal Air Purifier creates a 3' sphere of clean air around your head, clearing the air of atomic-sized pollutants that traditional alternatives leave behind. Excellent for caregivers working in contaminated environments and patients with compromised immune systems, the compact device emits more than two million healthy negative ions every second. The Purifier comes with an adjustable lanyard, and its silent operation won't disturb users.

Rechargeable battery provides over 150 hours of run time (USB charging cable included)

Provides seven days of continuous use with two lithium coin cell batteries (included)

Review Summary

Personal Air Purification Device

Prop 65

Clean, Healthy Air Anytime, Anywhere

  • Electronic purification system emits negative ions that push pollutants away
  • Creates a 3' sphere of clean, healthy air around users
  • Emits more than two million negative ions each second
  • Nine times more cleaning power with Power Boost Technology
  • Silent, compact purifier perfect for on the go
  • Indicator light flashes when air is being cleaned
  • Free of filters
  • Adjustable lanyard has a breakaway design for increased safety and convenience
  • One-year limited warranty
Personal Air Purifier
Battery Powered
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Personal Air Purifier
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