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Gel Armboard Pad

Latex Free

Armboard Pad with No-Stretch Film Coating

  • Dry viscoelastic Positioner protects patient's bicep, elbow, and forearms
  • Multiple sizes available for use on standard armboard table extensions
  • Coating minimizes wrinkling, skin shear, and friction
  • Nonallergenic and DEHP- and silicone-free Positioner won't absorb fluids or leak if cut
  • Designed for direct gel-to-skin contact
  • Simulates human skin
  • Antimicrobial design can be disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Minimizes friction, weight, and heat and meets AORN standards and practices
  • Heat in the microwave or cool in a fridge or freezer
  • Two-year warranty
Armboard Pad
Small • 4"W x 15"L x 0.50"H
Estimated ship date of 04/13/2021
Armboard Pad
Large • 4.5"W x 24"L x 0.50"H
Estimated ship date of 04/13/2021
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