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Patient Paging System

Similar to paging systems used in restaurants, the Patient Paging System is designed to help healthcare facilities comply with HIPAA regulations while also allowing patients and family the freedom to move around your facility. No more shouting out names in lobbies-you simply assign a pager at check-in and activate it when you're ready for the patient.

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Patient Paging System

Page Patients and Families Silently

  • Patients and families can find a comfortable place to wait with the assurance they won't miss their page
  • Alert options include flashing lights, vibration, and audible tone
  • Out-of-range melody lets patients know how far they can travel within your facility
  • Pagers are fully charged in 2 hours for 12 hours of continuous use
  • Charging base can hold up to 15 pagers
  • Pagers use long-lasting NiMH batteries
Patient Paging System
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