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BRUTE® Waste Container Accessories

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BRUTE® Waste Container Accessories

Latex Free

Caddies and Dollies for BRUTE® Waste Cans

  • Caddies can be stocked with supplies for convenient, on-the-go cleaning
  • Caddies have ample space to store spray bottles, cleaning cloths, brushes, extra can liners, and gloves
  • ML100964-YL is heavy-duty vinyl and has adjustable straps for ease of use
  • ML100965-YL is excellent for holding larger equipment including wet-floor signs and brooms
  • Dolly makes it easy to move heavy containers and is engineered eliminate up to 88% of traditional dolly noise across both even and uneven surfaces
  • Dolly can hold up to 350lb and resists rust, chipping, and denting
BRUTE® Dolly with Quiet Casters • 17.6"W x 6.6"H
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