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OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tip and Systems

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Sometimes ear canals are impacted with hard, dry, or impacted wax that need to be irrigated, but traditional ear irrigation methods that shoot water directly into the ear canal can be both dangerous and messy. The OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tip has a unique 3-stream design for the most comfortable and effective delivery of water, plus exit portals to prevent pressure build-up and allow debris and water to drain out. Tips are available in bulk quantities for use on your own devices. Two systems are also available that include tips, a water delivery device, and basins.

Ear Lavage System
  • Portable Waterpik® unit with 155mL reservoir for automated, pulsed lavage
  • 3 adapter wands
  • 40 ear irrigation tips
  • Basin

Spray Wash Kit
  • 500mL spray wash bottle
  • 20 ear irrigation tips
  • Basin

Review Summary

OtoClear Ear Irrigation Tip and Systems

A Safer Way to Irrigate Ears

  • Unique tip design deflects 3 streams of water to sides of ear canal instead of directly at tympanic membrane
  • Exit portals allow water and debris to escape without flashback
  • Flared shape fits snugly and eliminates fear of over-insertion into ear canal
  • Compatible with standard luer lock syringes
  • Spray Wash Kit is ideal for low-volume use
  • Ear Lavage System is ideal for high-volume use
  • For sale to a Licensed Medical Professional only
OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Tips
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OtoClear® Ear Lavage System
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OtoClear® Ear Spray Wash Kit
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OtoClear® Ear Irrigation Basins
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